Psy Diagnostics                          

Psy Diagnostics is a Starkitty Project 'meta-coined term' for a soon to manifest into human consciousness 'idea' that combines psychic data retrieval and clinical testing in order to better understand the more difficult aspects of a pet's illness.  Many pet owners ignore the subtle signs that their pets display because of a lack of awareness that animals are far more advanced than people think. Most vets have been taught little  information regarding incorporating animal consciousness into the diagnostic process.

Though we have made a mind-body connection in human medicine, little funding is granted the veterinarian field for research. Most animal body testing tools are minimal at best and are extremely expensive. They do not detect vibrational disturbances that later manifest as physical ailments. Helping people to become aware of the intuitive intelligence of their pets will enable many in the coming years to catch danger signs of illness long before it becomes too late to 'do anything about it'.

How Psy Diagnostics Came To Be: For over twenty years and if it was a non-emergency, I have always first asked the animal via telepathic communication what was the problem as perceived by 'them', before hauling them off to the vet. Having a bit of an edge via my own Psy-senses and with an extensive background education in metaphysics, acceptance of animal consciousness has always been a 'no brainer' for me. The answers from the animals themselves have always been amazingly accurate when comparing their reponses to later standard veterinary testing methods. Even more surprisingly, many of the animals queried knew exactly what they needed in terms of natural 'healing supplements' to correct the condition at hand. The section below reveals just a simple example of many different circumstances that I was presented with, in terms of health issues regarding various pets; all of which were approached in a similar way.

This advanced method for working with our animals can save us untold emotional agony, financial strains, time lost to long-term surgical after-care, and can actually help many people to understand so much more about themselves as 'souls'. For animal companions tend to energetically take on the unconsciously created issues of their human friends and often what manifests in a pet, is very well connected to issues a human being is facing in life. Not only does Psy Diagnostic Accessing assist in healing a pet through sudden trauma and acute conditions, it can act as a 'preventative measure' against all types of chronic illness.


What Psy Diagnostics Can & Can't Do

Psy Diagnostic Example #1

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Psy Diagnostics & The Veterinary Field