The story is real. What happened is true. What followed will inspire....

The Starkitty Interspecies Communication Project is a global Psy-tracking project that began in 1992 with one woman and two stray felines. It has since expanded to become a dedicated global Psy Research and Meta Investigative Collaboration that includes the input and research efforts of Meta Scientists, Psy Healers, Animal Communicators, a collective of participating animal species and varied groups of multi-dimensional  intelligences.


Nearly two decades after it's start and within the most recent few years, the Psy Data Retrieval work of The Starkitty Project has begun to be slowly received by the general public. In 2004 and for 10 years, some of the information was published online, as the project organically grew from its infancy and the info was openly shared with the public. Currently this website is under re-design, as the project itself goes through yet another transformative stage.

The Starkitty Project continuously garners ancient wisdom and advanced meta knowledge from the consciousness of the animal kingdom and acts as a bridge to our greater understanding of connectedness of all forms of consciousness existent on planet Earth. The journey from this project's humble beginnings is fascinating and is being transformed into a book, as this incoming information regarding our spiritual ties to Earth's other species breaks new ground in understanding who we are as a co-creating species and offers renewed hope to the human race.

The Original Starkittys are spirit beings who are currently on planet in feline form, who act as a conduit to receive the telepathic data offered by other participating species also living on planet Earth - The collaborating and participating species are helping humans to understand how telepathy works and how animals 'consciously' work in tandem with planet Earth - They describe their contributions, their reasons for being here, their choices to work with humanity or to not do so and they describe their experiences in not only the living world, but the etheric realities to which they have constant connections to as well - The Starkitty Participants entail many species, however, the project's name references the starting point, whereas a small group of felines began communicating telepathically with a group of human meta-researchers - The Starkitty Project is a telepathy based, co-creative inter-species effort to help bridge the gaps in humanity's understandings of its Psy-heritage and connection to all that exists - The Starkitty Project coined the term Psy Data Retrieval Research, which is an endeavor that taps the consciousness of participating species in order to assist in the human awakening process - The Starkitty Project is ongoing...stay tuned for forthcoming information.